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Information about RCD's

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are to the electrical industry what seat belts are to the motor industry. An RCD is an electrical safety device that provides
protection by rapidly disconnecting the electricity supply in many situations where someone could otherwise receive a fatal electric shock. An RCD offers a high level of personal protection.

RCDs constantly monitor the electric current flowing along a circuit. If someone touches a live wire or faulty
appliance, causing the current to flow through their body to the ground, they could receive a severe electric
shock or be electrocuted. If an RCD senses any loss of current, where electricity is diverting to the ground
rather than through the circuit, it will very quickly shut the electricity off and therefore reduce the chance of
serious injury. Water is a good conductor of electricity - if you are
wet and in contact with the ground, it is even easier for electricity to flow through you. RCDs offer excellent
protection in damp areas of your home where there are electric fittings, and when working with electrical
equipment outside.

Past and current Projects

Botany Palms Reclad


The refurbishment of 153 units, comprising 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with balconies, garages, a swimming pool, gym complex and recreation areas. The Electrical requirements for construction were to remove all electrical equipment, remove wiring from rotten timber and reinstate when new framing was installed.

Work was completed in nine stages, with residents vacating their apartments for up to six months to enable work to be completed.  The project was delivered within specified time frames and under budget.  Botany Palms now meets Resource Consent and strict building compliances, and the extensive building work has brought the establishment back to market value.


Construction Value:
Electrical Value:

Corban Green HUB WEST


The Contruction of a 3 seperate builings, they feature A Large Hall, Meeting rooms, Fully fitted commercial kitchen, Play Group room,

Arts & Crafts room, Two Covered outdoor courtyards. The Electrical requirements for contruction were a new 200amp supply, insdustral main switchboard with 2 seprate DB boards for the other two buildings. All power, lighting, emergency lighting & all other electrical requirements were undertaken by Chase Electrical.


Electrical Value:

Murrays Bay School


Proposed new classroom and block 1 modernisation including Joinery Fittings, Mechanical Works, Suspended Ceiling & Insulation, Aluminium Windows and Doors, Security system, Roofing, Drainage, Electrical Works, & Toilet Partition.


Electrical Value: